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Flashed Motor Repair and Monitoring 

  • Flashed Motors can be repaired after a megger is used to verify the armature is not grounded.

  • We have designed an optical unit that can monitor flashing in the wheel motors, the key to damage prevention is stopping it quickly 

  • Clean up is very important for this job!

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IGBT Cabinet Repair

  • Verifying IGBT connections

    • Fiber optic or copper wire

  • Testing can be done on this with high voltage power off and engine locked out​

  • We can repair many components on-site

24 volt cabinet wireing.JPG

24 Volt Cabinet Builds

  • Testing and verifying all connections on the electronic controls

  • Labeling and arranging of wiring is always a time saver

  • Complete cabinet rebuilds can be done if necessary

statex III cabinet.JPG


  • We are able to service STATEX and INVERTEX models with card setup as needed