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Compax Electro-Motive Services 

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Safety is, as always, our number one concern. We follow any and all safety protocols as shown below.


Employees have completed the contractor orientation courses for VIA, CN, and CPKC Rail.  

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5800 AC controls

We do all maintenance, repairs, and part sales on these and other control systems.

 We repair  the following dash 2 cards: AN112, AN12, AN17, BC101, CM100, DE107, DE12, DG10, DG12, DP112, DP12, DR114, DR20, EL100, EL11, EN103, EP11, FM105, GC104, GV12, GX2, LC123, LMC, MS102, PF17, PS11, PS12, PSM, RA103,RC12, SA10, SB11, SC100, SE10, SE13, SE14, SW104, TH14, TR102, TR12, VR13, VR15, WS10, VR11

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EMD control systems and GE AC and DC control systems


Slip Rings

Slip ring repairs, replacements, wiring, and cleanup

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A Cleaned and Serviced Traction Motor

We remove all grease and dirt, and install new brushes to extend motor life and ensure proper operation. 

New GE Controls

Newer GE control systems are simply more reliable and require less troubleshooting, the software simplifies the operation of controls.


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Our card rack extender allows us to safely make adjustments to analog controls in Statex II and Dash 7 away from live circuits. safety is our number one goal.


typical GE control cards

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