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Electrical Component

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Compax Computer Technologies Ltd has been repairing and servicing a variety of brands and models. Reliable and affordable repair service is our specialty, so we’re sure we can find the solution for your specific needs.
We do on-site repairs, and have a part exchange system in place. we specialize in AC or DC drives, Alternators, Traction Motors, and Wiring upgrades. 



We have a strong EMD Dash2 card repair system, and offer card rack extenders for Statex 2 / Dash 7 cards so they can be tuned and tested dynamically when replaced. 


We have lots of experience repairing IGBTs

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Contact Fred or Daniel about emergency board repair or replacement.

We specialize in IGBT and IGCT repairs for trains and haul trucks, all repairs are quality controlled to the following standards before outgoing shipments. our suppliers have a endless quantity ready to ship



Company information can be recorded and securely saved on our NFC tags. custom logos are available as needed 


Compax supplies, installs and programs many electrical components such as the RS485 - CAN J1939 converter shown here

We have extensive resources related to electronic repairs and we have the practical equipment and knowledge to perform them to the highest standards


Compax performs component level replacement to repair the most catastrophic damage to boards and electrical systems so you can bring your equipment online without waiting for new parts to be produced and shipped.

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Electrotorque ABB control card repair

 We repair  the following dash 2 cards: AN112, AN12, AN17, BC101, CM100, DE107, DE12, DG10, DG12, DP112, DP12, DR114, DR20, EL100, EL11, EN103, EP11, FM105, GC104, GV12, GX2, LC123, LMC, MS102, PF17, PS11, PS12, PSM, RA103,RC12, SA10, SB11, SC100, SE10, SE13, SE14, SW104, TH14, TR102, TR12, VR13, VR15, WS10, VR11

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We are also available to do networking installs, additions, and ringing to test all connections and wires, as well as providing a complete map of your system. 


Electronic card component repair 

on site control system trouble shooting and repair 


A quality repair is quicker and cheaper than a replacement part 

Given the world wide silicon shortage having military grade replacement components can save time and money.

Many times, $1 part can save a $10,000 board


after troubleshooting we where able to find the back plane had a broken T handle stud causing connection issues. after repairing this the back plane worked flawlessly 


We can splice, repair, add quick disconnects in your cable and trouble shoot control issues.



We have the abilities to repair and move your larger electrical equipment.

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